Impression Strategies Institute

More praise from graduates of Sandy's World-Class Diploma Course

“For 15 years I dreamed of becoming an image consultant. After a year-long and tedious search, I found Sandy Dumont. I was impressed with her credentials. After taking her course, I feel certain she is the most remarkable and knowledgeable instructor around. Sandy sets the bar for color analysis, makeup, image skills and empowering individuals. Her methods are "state of the art." Sandy's course has empowered me to become an exceptional image constant enabling me to give my clients exceptional results. ”

Sabrina Ladson
Chesapeake, Virginia

“I followed a course in Belgium for color analysis but felt I needed more knowledge. At Sandy Dumont's school, I gained in-depth knowledge about the fundamentals of color and the powerful effect it has on a person's entire persona. Every day we exercised with live models and the other students until we knew with a certainty that our analysis of clothing, hair and makeup colors were correct. Before Sandy's course, I very often had doubts.Today I dare say I have the knowledge and expertise to call myself a Total Image Consultant. Sandy is the ultimate professional and dedicated to her students. It's an honor to be among her graduates. "Merci, Sandy, vous etes la meilleure.”

Anja De Bosscher
CeeXł - Color, Coaching & Consulting
Mechelen, Belgium

“I came to Sandy's School with high expectations and feel that Sandy has exceeded all these expectations by far. Sandy has a wealth of knowledge that she freely shares. Thank you so much for all those impression strategies.”

Neicy Burleson
College Station, Texas

“I spent one month researching every top image consultant's program to teach me to become an image consultant, including those on the West coast Living 45 minutes from New York City, I assumed the leading expert would be there. I was wrong. Ultimately only one stood out far above the rest, Sandy Dumont. Her credentials were impressive, and she offered complete training on every aspect of image. My training was excellent and comprehensive. What helped me greatly was the online training, DVD sets, and exams to test my knowledge before I started the hand-on training. The pre-work is extraordinarily thorough. Sandy's course trained me to be a total image constant.”

Deb Taubenslag
East Brunswick, New Jersey

“I was taught for many years that Mexicans were either Autumns or Winters, and I had been told I was an Autumn. I saw for myself that none of these things were true; and I saw that with the right color category, you are empowered and can make a difference. In Sandy Dumont’s image consultant Diploma Course, I really discovered myself. Now I want to show everybody how to radiate color, not blend into it, as we’ve been told in the old color schools and methods. Sandy’s new method of color analysis makes it so easy. You can’t make mistakes.”

"Vale la pena probar y versa la diferencia!"

Ana Arguimbau
Mexico City, Mexico

"This class exceeded my expectations! Sandy's command of the subject matter and her years of experience made the learning - and unlearning - so much easier. She is a great teacher. There is a science to back up everything in here and by the end of the program, I felt like an artist. Although it was slow-going at first, everything came together at the end. I am leaving competent and confident with both new knowledge and skills. I am certain that I will be able to build a business that is both profitable and fun. The "frosting on the cake" was the lifelong friends I have made. I shall always remember Sandy and my classmates with great fondness and affection for their support and friendship. See you next year!"

Marlene Baron
Atlanta, Georgia

"I truly thank God for giving me the opportunity to have been trained in the image industry by Sandy Dumont - the best there is. Sandy's Never Fail Image System™ is state-of-the-art and truly a miracle within itself. Sandy is hands-down the most fabulous lady I have ever met. She takes what is okay and makes it great. I have never had so much fun learning. I will always remember Sandy and what she taught me, and I walk away knowing because of her, I will run a dynamic image business. Thanks so much, Sandy!"

Tonya Jolivette
Dallas, Texas

"Your course was worth the time and money spent! It has helped me so much with my business. I also appreciate the fact that you are always there to help me – with your monthly teleseminars, webinars and phone conversations."

Pamela Gassett
Honolulu, Hawaii

"To be in such an elite class for nine days was at first daunting thought for me, however now I realize the “method to Sandy’s genius”! The course itself is filled with color principles and strategies and Sandy’s passion for color and image is truly infectious! I can honestly say that 9 days was not enough for me, I can’t wait to come back for a follow-up course!”

Leah Gottlieb
Fleurie Fashion Consulting
Norfolk, Virginia

"After a relentless search to find an image trainer in the industry comparable to Sandy Dumont, I finally decided to travel to the U.S. to attend Sandy's course. My expectations have been exceeded on every level. Sandy covered every aspect of color from the psychology to the logic then to the application. She demonstrates a level of professionalism that is rarely seen. "The investments that I made, both in terms of money and time, far exceeded my expectations. Having Sandy as my mentor and coach will enable me to have a business that will enable me to reach for and attain excellence in all that I do. "If you are serious and committed to a career that will be rewarding and enriching in all aspects invest in yourself and Sandy Dumont."

Julie Davis
The Image Designer & The Femininity Coach
Gold Coast, Autstralia

"I found Sandy Dumont on-line. Her YouTube videoa are very informative and professional. The information Sandy provides is based on years of experience and study. The Impression Strategies Institute is a well rounded program encompassing both art and science. Sandy Dumont is really THE Image Architect and I am very happy to have been able to receive her Total Image Consultant Certification and Diploma."

Tara Koechel
Pembroke, New Hampshire

"Sandy Dumont is truly the expert, the "it girl" of color. Her certification course has really opened and sharpened my eyes. As a professional artist and someone who has always had an interest in style, I can see now how we tend to chose colors from the heart, instead of with an objective eye. I also greatly appreciate Sandy's healthy philosophy on makeup and body shapes, focusing on perfect skin rather than perfect make up, and dressing successfully no matter your body shape or weight. Sandy gives each and every client an extraordinary gift: the power of a professional and trustworthy image. "

Rowena Finn
Virginia Beach, Virginia

"Before Graduating from Sandy's class in 2006 I also attended The Association of Image Consultants International Conference and have met, seen, and dealt with other Image Consultants worldwide. To this day I stand by my opinion of Sandy as the guru in the industry. Not only is Sandy well-versed in Image, she walks the talk! You will enjoy the training as much as I did!!!"

Foo Lai Nee
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Although I traveled such a long distance, it was worth it. After 8 months of training by a local teacher, I still felt I was missing something. Your class was exactly what I had been looking for! What you taught me was well worth the time, the travel, and expense. Now my clients report that they too notice the difference. They say they feel more powerful and respected, and it's all thanks to the training I received from you!"

Nathalie Cousin
Brussels, Belgium

"As the managing director of a successful menswear company, I was excited to study image and color from Sandy. Before the training there were areas that I was unsure about like Color, Line, and Focal Point. Now I have the confidence in my business and in my life. I know that thanks to the best training possible I can give my clients what they want, to look and be treated better."

Fouzul Hameed
Sri Lanka

"Sandy, your Diploma Course was an invaluable resource not only for those pursuing a career in image consulting, but to anyone who wants to improve the way they present themselves to the world. It was a pleasure to work with you because you are the best in the business."

Deb Pacos
Managing Director, BNI New York
Fredonia, New York

"I am an Image Consultant...but NOT before taking Ms. Dumont's Diploma Course! Before enrolling, I surveyed all the image-related professional courses, and this course beat them all ! Learn the rules of color, including color psychology, and the influence of style on ones appearance using Ms. Dumont's image technology. She has created a revolution in the field of image and its power and simplicity will astound you! Thank you, Sandy. It works every time with every client and it gave my image consulting order vs. chaos."

Cathy Carlson
Buena Park, California

"As an Image Builder of TV & film celebrities and politicians for 10 years, I wanted to expand my awareness and have absolute assurance that I know everything there is to know about color and image consulting. I feel totally empowered with Sandy Dumont's method, because I saw for myself that it works."

Carmen Amescua
Image Builder
Mexico City, Mexico

"Sandy Dumont has taken color and image consulting to a whole new level. Her cutting-edge approach is based upon years of color studies and artistic research. Throw those other outdated books away!!"

Diana Seaman

Richmond, Virginia

"What I love about Sandy's diploma program is that it is so logical. It is guaranteed to remove all confusion about color and understanding what season you are. I now feel confident working with my clients to help them look and even feel better about themselves."

Georgina Sweeney
Total Health & Image Consultant
West Rockport, Maine

"Sandy's diploma course has opened my eyes. She has totally revised what I thought I knew. Her way of analyzing color and line are so logical and apply to real life. Her style and image principles have changed my life and the way I will conduct my business."

Nancy Hogg
Hampton, Virginia

"Sandy Dumont's diploma course was invaluable. She gave me all the tools and knowledge to become a successful Total Image Consultant. Her method is so easy and logical; she took all the confusion away and I am now ready for a new and exciting career."

Jacqueline Perry

Luminous You, Inc.
Asheville, N.C.

"My transformation was so profound. I have definitely gained knowledge and understanding in color analysis, psychology, social issues, fashion, style and color theory. But I also understand now the key to the process to be able to truly change people's lives. I really enjoyed the class so much!!"

Tatyana Lyamin
Kansas City, Missouri

"I've been involved with color consulting for 9 years, but Sandy is the only person I've met who educates the client's eye to see what color does to the face in terms of making them look tired or rested; happy or sad; younger or older. With this ability, the client is certain and is on unshakeable grounds in terms of knowing for a certainty which colors make them look spectacular. Her system is pure genius!"

Sue Hall
Glendale, California

"I came to the class thinking it was really impossible to teach me color, as I thought I had no "eye" for color and neither for style. Sandy's method is so logical and easy to understand that my "eyes" were opened for both. Sandy's warm and nurturing personality gives all her students a perfect learning environment"

Gina Hummel
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

"Color theories that I learned as an artist I can now apply to "real life" situations. I was really skeptical at first, because as a fashion model for five years I was set in my ways. But, I am discovering a lot I did not know about myself. None of us "got" it at first. But Sandy took her time with each of us till we were able to learn the logic behind everything. Now I am a true believer and especially LOVE my new look and colors...and I am thoroughly prepared to do the same for clients, too."

Tara Strauss
Hilton Head, South Carolina

"I have worked in photo shoots, professional make-up for TV, and for “Marlin Shores” modeling studio in California before relocating here. I walked into Sandy Dumont’s “Image Consultant” Diploma Course with high expectations, and yet the actual experience exceeded my expectations! Sandy is a true professional and a gifted teacher. She uses logic in her methods and backs it up with an extensive background in art and 30 years experience working with men and women from all over the world. Heads turn when she walks in a room because she is what she teaches! She imparts confidence because she knows what she is talking about and she gets results." I will, too!"

Julie Pickell
Virginia Beach, Virginia

"I have a consulting and life coaching business. However, I felt something vital was missing. My clients required immediate results in order to grow and better their lives. Sandy’s class was exactly what I needed. Other image systems I researched failed to consider the aspects of color in any depth. Sandy’s instruction detailed the criteria and importance of color, image and first impressions perfectly. These elements brought a fascinating and rewarding dimension to my business consulting. Thanks Sandy!"

Jewl Ross-Madrid
St. Paul, Minnesota

"I came to the July Image Consultant Diploma Course with a background in hairstyling and makeup. What I learned from Sandy during the course has fully equipped me to educate and serve the professionals in my area. Her in-depth knowledge of color and color psychology was evident throughout the course. I will never look at colors the same! I also learned how critically important it is for professionals to dress for impact, career advancement and respect. I can’t wait to get home and transform my community."

Kimberly Dofelmire
Port Orchard, Washington

"The Impression Strategies Institute was a godsend. The knowledge I gained opened me up to endless possibilities and a whole new world to conquer. Color has technology, and image is a strategy. Let's take the world by storm with image!"

Colette Boston
Virginia Beach, Virginia

"I made the decision to take Sandy's course because what she said about color made sense .I had very conflicting information not only from books but from the company I represent. After completing Sandy's course, everything makes sense. I've been a beauty consultant for 5 years. With what I have learned in this course, I know I now stand head and shoulders above the other beauty and image consultants in my area. It's so simple once you understand the technical (but logical) basis."

Louise Kahle
Toledo, Ohio

"I have been a consultant in the beauty industry for 25 years, and ready to go to the highest level with my business. I didn’t know where to start, but in Sandy’s class, everything is covered and all the dots got connected. She was generous in sharing her years of research and knowledge and she gave us all the technical tools and props that we needed to set up shop. Sandy’s training was simply the best."

Kaye Frey
Phoenix, Arizona

"I discovered information not found in any other books or sources: information about simultaneous contrast; and the discovery that you do not try to match your superficial coloring to a color season. I also learned how to finally find my own best makeup colors, and how to teach my clients the same. And I also got ideas about how to set up my own studio."

Jojo Kapur
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Sandy's Diploma Course enabled me to understand that unless you know the rules of color AND color psychology, you cannot truly "see" the results in the mirror. I learned that most other color systems and consultants choose colors for clients according to their superficial appearance - which is why I was misdiagnosed by another color consultant. Sandy's system enables you to SEE the difference in the mirror, and know for a certainty that the new makeup and clothing colors you see in the mirror make you LOOK BETTER. I know my clients will walk away feeling totally confident with the colors, makeup, clothing and accessories that I recommend for them."

Dija DeCock
Style Counsel Image Consultants
Middleton, Wisconsin

"Sandy's Diploma Course was truly amazing, and it helped me to really understand the power of color. I discovered that I had been wrongly analyzed in the past, and with the information I learned, I understand how empowering it was to me to discover the simplicity and logic of Sandy's system. You simply can't make mistakes in color analysis with your clients, and they will leave feeling confident and empowered as well."

Connie Traugh
Virginia Beach, Virginia