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Syllabus - Course Content

Before registering for the Image Consultant Training Course and Certification Class, please study the required reading material for the course "Tattle Tale Looks" and the 5-Part Image Course available for download here.

Technical Information

  • The Rules of Color.
  • The Rules of Color Psychology.

Reliable "testing" colors for Color Analysis (determining a person's correct season)

Lady Painting
  • Introduction to Sandy's exclusive Testing Kit which guarantees results. Sandy perfected the Testing Kit through her years of experience, and only graduates of her Diploma Course have access to this exclusive and invaluable tool. A tool that will set you apart from all other Image Consultants.
  • Why red, black and white are NOT reliable colors for testing, as is sometimes recommended. Why silver and gold are NOT reliable colors for testing.

The fallacy of choosing colors with instincts, logic and "good taste"

  • The rules of color are not always logical, but they are easy to learn.
  • As Johannes Itten and other art educators proved, good taste and instincts will not help you choose the colors that make you look better.
  • Sandy's international success with clients has been won through her unique system of letting the client be a part of the analysis. First, the client's eyes are trained to "look and see," so that they choose colors with a professional eye and not with the "heart and soul" or from habit. Then they learn the rules of color and the importance of color psychology through the use of Sandy's exclusive client-education material. It is empowering to clients to be a part of the process; just as it is crippling to a person to simply be told which colors to wear, without any involvement. This Diploma Course will enable you to empower your clients - and yourself!


  • Color choices
    This is where the most errors are made by so-called professionals. You will learn how to get "perfect skin" results instead of "perfect makeup" results. Sandy has trained the trainers with major, international cosmetic companies. This component alone will put you head and shoulders above other makeup artists and color consultants. Sandy's illustrated manual for makeup, which includes color and application information will be used for this component. Students receive all the manuals and also Sandy's 80-min.DVD, "Makeup Secrets."

"The training classes you gave our employees were packed with helpful information that can be put to use immediately. The part about color psychology helped us in our own choice of makeup colors."

Beatrice Vanbesien
Training Director
Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetics
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

Hands-on color analysis

  • Color is the cornerstone of the image consulting business. It is also the most difficult part to truly master. Most of the information in print today is amateurish "paint-by-number," where you match your superficial coloring to a robot-like category. This course will take you back to the basics and insure that you are a master of color. Sandy mastered color through her in-depth art studies and years of makeup and fashion experience. During the Course, Sandy Demonstrates proper color analysis on students; then students do color analysis on each other, including application of makeup. Once students are proficient, they do a "Total Image Makeover" on "clients" from varied ages, and ethnicities. You cannot be an effective Image Consultant if you are not a master of color and color psychology. Sandy's manual on color will be used, but in-depth knowledge and expertise can be gained only through hands-on instruction and implementation.

History of color analysis (visit here to read the article about color analysis)

  • Early systems and the pioneers, including:
    • Chevreuil, Itten and Albers - art educators who are the fathers of color analysis and color psychology.
    • Suzanne Caygill, Carole Jackson - authors of two of the first "popular" books on color and image.
    • Each day a different "image" book will be looked at and critiqued, so that you will have a broad awareness of all the systems in use today. Your eyes will become so trained that you will be able to point out any weaknesses or flaws in these systems.

  • The "seasonal" system of color identification, its origins with art educators.
  • Facts and fallacies with:

    • The "contrast" method,
    • "Blending" between seasons,
    • Matching your superficial appearance to a season,
    • Matching your "personality" to a season
    • Using hair or eye color to determine your season
    • The Mona Lisa Effect

"Line" with clothing and the body

  • The Rules of "line" in clothing, including camouflage techniques and "body shape" or type, as well as face shape. There is more to "line" and camouflage than measuring yourself and finding a body type!
  • If one element of "line" in clothing or the body is out of sync, the entire image is impacted. In studying "line" you will learn the importance of detail. You will also learn the importance of "overall impression." The two, of course, are inseparable, and that is the true "art" of image consulting. This Diploma Course will enable you to be an incomparable Image Consultant who is head and shoulders above the competition.
  • You will become aware of the importance of seeming-small things such as eyebrow, lip and fingernail shapes, and you will see how they dramatically impact the judgment of others - positively or negatively. Sandy's manual on camouflage and line is used with this component.


  • Color & "line" choices
    Sandy's manual for professional dress will be used for this component. You will learn how to advise clients to choose clothing that enables them to camouflage figure problems, as well as to look extraordinary rather than ordinary, eternally stylish rather than "in style," distinctive rather than dull.
  • Branding for People™ is a specialty of Sandy, and she has trademarked this name. You will learn how to brand yourself (and your clients) so you stand out in a crowd and are head and shoulders above the competition.

Comportment and body language

  • Sandy is a former high-fashion model who has worked all over the US and Europe. She has appeared on TV and magazine covers. She has a diploma from the prestigious John Robert Powers School and has taught at The Barbizon (Fashion) School. You will learn how to sit, stand and pose for photos. This component will enable you to get professional results with your own Before & After photos. Sandy's illustrated manual on body language will be used in this component.

    Examples of Makeovers HERE

Presentation Skills / Power Point Skills

  • Sandy is a professional speaker and a professional member of the National Speakers Association. Presentation skills will be touched upon, and you will learn the basics of giving a Power Point presentation. Students receive a DVD of a live public seminar given by Sandy, which includes a Power Point presentation and "live" 5-minute makeover demonstrations. This DVD will enable you to make your own, original Power Point presentation.

Website and Newsletter information

  • You won't have to re-invent the wheel, because Sandy will give you guidelines for creating your own website and electronic newsletter. Her years of experience in this area will save you time and money. She knows the programs to use and the "DOs and DON'Ts" of marketing your business through the Internet and the World Wide Web.

How to set up a Home Studio

  • Lighting equipment information
  • Basic supplies you will need
  • Getting good Before & After photos
  • How to increase your client base

History of "costume"

  • The power of "survival" instincts in choosing colors and garments.
  • The power of habit and other factors in choosing colors and garments.