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Here are the Tools every Professional Image, Color, Clothing, Style and Fashion Consultant should have!

Sandy Dumont is more than an Image Consultant. Her new Webinars, DVDs, e-books and services (below) reveal the answer.

Ebooks (Electronic Books)

E-books are electronic books which are downloaded on your computer. Once downloaded, you can open the books by using the Adobe Reader, which is a FREE software product. Obtain and install the Reader on your pc by clicking on its logo below.

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Business Casual is Dead, Long live classy Casual

Business Casual is Dead, Long Live Classy Casual! (A Guide For Men)
Learn The Secret of Making People Like You And Trust You

You will see results immediately when you make the simple changes to your image that Sandy Dumont suggests. Sandy’s gallery of techniques will also save you time when shopping and anguish when going to your closet each day. You will no longer have fears or self doubts when you head out the door.

Sandy’s clients report that this is a quick and easy way to outclass the competition and leave them in the dust. And your self esteem and your bottom line will both soar when you apply the secrets that Sandy has learned over the past 30 years working with Fortune 500 companies and their employees.

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Image System For Professional Women

7 Days to a Brand New You

Don’t purchase this book if you’re a fashionista. It isn’t for women whose goal is to always be “in fashion” because what’s in fashion may not enable you to command respect, increase your credibility and close deals.

Today’s woman is negotiating contracts in the office as well as the aisles of a grocery store. She wants to be taken seriously and treated with respect wherever she is. It won’t happen in “business casualty” attire. It won’t happen in “girlie” attire. It definitely won’t happen when you look like a “miniature man.”

Are you tired of playing Wardrobe Roulette® when you look in your closetor shop for clothes? Well, now Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect, has the answer! Her latest book, 7 Days to a Brand New You: Polishing Your Professional Image is the perfect guide for the do-it-yourself woman who understands image is a powerful tool and knows she can be so much more!

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"Sandy's book is one of those unique finds. It's totally different from Color Me Beautiful and all the other books on color and image. In fact, 10 years ago I was "miss-diagnosed" by Color Me Beautiful as an autumn because of my red hair. Now people tell me I look professional and attractive; and I know I look younger. But most importantly my business is on the fast track now. Thanks Sandy!"

Doris Young, RN, Ph.D.
President, Doris Young Associates
Norfolk, VA

Power Dressing Image System For Men

7 Days to a More Powerful & Magnetic Image

Sandy Dumont's new eBook for men is here at last. In it, you’ll find revolutionary ideas – information that isn’t available anywhere else; and information that takes the confusion out of pulling your wardrobe together. Get ready to change your image and change your life.

Whether you're a CEO or on your way to becoming one, Sandy will show you how to capture the essence of classic men's style, giving you the confidence to dress to impress – and for success. Sandy has consulted for Fortune 500 companies and their staff. She's helped politicians, celebrities and VIPs – and now she's ready to help YOU

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“I didn’t realize how critically important the information in your e-book 7 Days for Men was until I began to apply it. I immediately experienced people reacting differently to me, with more respect, openness, and trust. Now I understand why some people had accused me of looking “slick” or “untrustworthy.” I feel more confident knowing that people will not be focusing on what I have to say instead of what I am wearing. The return I see from the small investment I made in your book is enormous. Thank you for turning a subject I had previously found so confusing and complex into something so clear and simple!”

Mark Michael Lewis, CEO
Smart Energy Enterprises
Benicia, CA




Impression Strategy Series
See Sandy “live” as she presents her workshops to sell-out audiences. Sessions are recorded live and available to you on DVD.
Sandy Dumont: MORE than an Image Consultant!

1. CORPORATE Series. (1hr 20 min) add to cart
" Advance Your Image With 3 Powerful Secrets”

Sandy's DVD for male and female professionals can give you that "Wow" look that makes prospective clients say, "let's get started." The DVD, called "Advance Your Image With Three Powerful Secrets," was produced from Sandy's keynote speech at a popular realtor trade show in Virginia. It combines Sandy's 30 years of image consulting experience into one tell-all video that will take your look from average to amazing in less time than a closing. » Learn More

2. SENIOR MAKEOVERS Series. (30 min) add to cart
“Get Noticed! Get Deferential Treatment”

Sandy's DVD video "Senior Makeovers" teaches Seniors simple, yet powerful Image Techniques that say to the world, "I am dynamic and unique!" Sandy's exclusive Image Techniques are backed up by scientific data. » Learn More

3. MAKEUP SECRETS Series. (1hr 20 min) add to cart
“Makeup Color Choices & Application Techniques”

Sandy's DVD video "Senior Makeovers" teaches Seniors simple, yet powerful Image Techniques that say to the world, "I am dynamic and unique!" Sandy's exclusive Image Techniques are backed up by scientific data. » Learn More

Professional Tools For Image Consultant

Image System For Men
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Client Wallets with fabric color swatches:
Assorted seasons or multiples of single season. Each fabric wallet contains 28 colors fabric swatches and is packaged in a sturdy plastic wallet for convenience and protection. Please note that these fabric color swatches are the 4 "seasonal" colors but are NOT Color Me Beautiful color copies.

Professional Drapes for Color Analysis, in professional size:

Each set of drapes is bound at one end with stiff fabric tape to prevent tangling of fabrics. Draping fabrics measure 28" x 18" (70cm x 34cm). They are specifically designed for the professional Image and Color Consultant.

Sandy's renowned Testing Kit for color analysis.
This is available only to graduates of The Impression Strategies Institute Image Consultant Training diploma courses. Info on Certification Classes.