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Are you a new Image Consultant who is still trying to break into the business and book clients?

Have you been an Image Consultant for a few years and would like to "freshen up" and improve your skills and build an online presence?

Are you a long-time Image Consultant who has found that your business needs "livening up a bit"?

No matter what stage of the game you are in, if you are looking for new tricks, new resources, and new streams of revenue for your Image Consulting business, you will not want to miss my new Image Consulting Masterclass.

Sandy Dumont - The Image Architect   The Image Architect

You may already know that I am an Image Consultant with over 30 years experience working with celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, and politicians. I am consistently one of the top ranked Image Consultants on Google, and am one of the top Image Consultants in the U.S. and worldwide!
“My career began when I was a young girl and discovered that a red dress changed my life dramatically. I graduated from John Robert Powers Fashion and Finishing School in Washington D.C. and soon worked as a high fashion model. Soon all of my friends began looking to me as an expert on Image. When I lived in London I scoured Savile Row learning all that I could about the origin of fashion for men. Thus, my career was born. I perfected my skills when I lived in Belgium for 20 years. It was there I began writing about image and teaching others to be Image Consultants.

But that is just background info. There is so much more to it. I had to "break into" the business so to speak. When I moved to the U.S. in 2001 my business changed completely. Technology has completely revolutionized the direction of my business. The fundamentals of Color and Image are the same, but the ability to reach out to clients all over the world has sped up the marketing process. I didn't get to where I am overnight, but it doesn't have to take you as long. You will instantly benefit from my 30 years experience.”

Now, for the first time ever I am offering my Image Consultant Masterclass.

Image Consultant Tools

This is a special two-month program designed to put you on the fast-track to success. I'll reveal to you the secrets to getting and staying ahead in business. Just how did I "break into" the business? How did I become Internationally known? Just how did I get to the top of Google and published in Forbes, Newsweek, The Washington Post, and more? Just how did I get to be interviewed by Fox News and ABC, CBS and NBC affiliates?

Sandy DumontI will reveal all of my inside secrets from beginning to end. No matter what stage of business you are in: Whether you have been practicing for a few years and are looking for that competitive edge; whether you are looking to break through the technological age as an Image Consultant with an online presence; or whether you are a beginner who needs some guidance and suggestions getting clients and marketing yourself. This course will change your business forever!

We will discuss:

  • Branding for People ®:
    How to Be a Walking Billboard. Your clients will turn themselves over to you on a silver platter when your image is state of the art. If people don't stop you in the streets to ask for your business card, then your image isn't powerful enough!

  • How to set up your business on the web:
    How to set up a website and how to get top Google rankings, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • How to set up and write a blog:
    How to keep up the interest and where to get inspiration.

  • Newsletters:
    How to set up and write a compelling newsletter and how to grow a distribution list.

  • Social Networking for Businesses:
    How to drive traffic to your website and blog (and how to get clients) through social networking.

  • Networking skills:
    How to network, and ultimately have people think of you immediately the next day, the next week, the next month, and the next year. How to do memorable elevator speech.

  • FREE P.R. for your business:
    Tips and tricks for getting into the spotlight with the press without paying for it.

  • How to get booked for speaking gigs and workshops:
    where to begin, how to get your foot in the door, who to approach, and brainstorming people and places to approach that you may have never thought of!

  • Camouflage Secrets for Body Types:
    Look 2 sizes smaller instantly. Tips for any shape or size.

Thanks to my 30 years experience, I can show you what mistakes to avoid and what resources and tools are worth your time and effort and what really works

With this Masterclass you'll get World Class Excellence:

  • A series of weekly group Mastermind teleconferences ($800 Value)

  • Private coaching via weekly one-on-one telecalls ($800 Value)

  • Unlimited email feedback for three months ($200 Value)

  • A three month backstage pass to my website as an "Image Insider" where you can take full advantage of benefits normally available only to paid subscribers ($15 Value)

  • An invitation to attend my monthly webinar series for three months after your Masterclass free of charge ($81 Value)

  • Unlimited access to a Masterclass message board for three months where you can post your questions for group feedback and discussion among your peers ($15 Value)

Most importantly you have access to my 30 years experience as an Image Consultant and all of the inside information on how to put your career on the fast track! (Value- Priceless!)

World Class Excellence

Every year I watch as Image Consultants come and go. Some manage to "hang in there" for a few years, sadly, some only make it for a few months. This business can be so rewarding, but it can also be a tough one. You need every tool to get an upper hand! Just see what my past participants have said about this program:

“I would highly recommend Sandy Dumont’s class. Besides being a great image consultant, she knows how to market this business. You will learn different tools and media outlets that can really help your business grow.”
Allison Craig
Alison Craig Assoicates

"Sandy’s Master Class was so wonderful that it inspired me to take her Total Image Consultant diploma course. The diploma course  - AND Sandy - was everything I expected AND MORE. The precision and expertise of the Never Fail Image System leaves nothing to chance or opinion. It's evident that Sandy's 30 years as an image consultant has been an evolution of study and research. Confidence in the system will be the keystone of my business. Thank you, Sandy, for your passion and perseverance."
Terry Myers Shuster
ISI Graduate, Cortland, Ohio

Don't make the mistake of thinking that you can do this on your own!

Don't do things the hard way!

Get on the FAST TRACK to becoming a Top Image Consultant today! The investment for this program valued at over $1911 is only $497
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Join me and let's get you moving!


Sandy Dumont,
THE Image Architect

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