Impression Strategies Institute

Image Consultant Training
Diploma & Certification Course

Part II: Hands-On Training

Starts: Thursday July 21, 2016 - Ends: Tuesday July 26, 2016
Norfolk, Virginia

Everyone listed on the WAIC website is a graduate of Impression Strategies Institute and is trained in Color Analytics ™ color system which is the cornerstone of Sandy Dumont’s Never Fail Image System™.

This system is designed to provide you with the latest information about the science of color analysis and the powerful effect it has upon your appearance and the persona you project.


World class training by a 30-year veteran of the image business

You will be taught a scientifically-based system in color that will be backed up with case studies

This course will take you step by step through Sandy Dumont's 30 years of pioneering research in color, color psychology and impression strategies. You will never have a doubt about the accuracy of Sandy's system. Nor will your clients.

Sandy Dumont's 30 years of experience makes her Image Consultant Training Diploma Course the finest possible. She has trained others to become consultants in Europe for more than 20 years. Now you don't have to travel to Europe to get her training.


Custom Made Professional Image Materials:

Sandy has meticulously hand-picked the components of her professional teaching tools. She has developed custom made “props” to demonstrate the technical rules of color. Sandy has also developed a custom Testing Kit that guarantees Never Fail™ results with color analysis.  Sandy’s Color Analytics™ system includes reliable   swatch book wallets and professional-size drapes for color analysis. The colors have been hand-picked and are guaranteed to accurately display the correct season—unlike most other drapes and swatches which combine colors and assign them to the incorrect seasons.

SPECIAL BONUS. All graduates of the Impression Strategies Institute's Diploma Course will receive at graduation their draping swatches and one set of seasonal wallets from each of the four seasons.


Textbooks and Course Material:

Sandy’s Image System for Professional Men and The System for Professional Women, as well as all three DVDs are included in your tuition and are required reading for the course. No other school includes textbooks and draping swatches in the cost of tuition.


Total Image Training in Color Analytics ™ a Never-Fail Image System ™:

Just as Google Analytics evaluates what works and what doesn’t so web designers can be maximally effective, Color Analytics™ evaluates what works and what doesn’t so you can wear clothing and accessories that make you maximally effective. 

With Color Analytics™ your clients  will never again commit Wardrobe Roulette™ and wear colors and styles that diminish their credibility. It’s a fact that the colors you wear can make you look happy or sad, younger or older, dynamic or dull. Color analytics ™ is your guarantee that the image of your clients  will be so dynamic that heads will turn when they enter a room.


Grandfathered in to WAIC (World Association of Image Consultants):

As a graduate of ISI you are grandfathered in to WAIC with full membership and all benefits of membership. Professional Organizations of this kind are hundreds of dollars in professional dues and those fees are waived as a graduate of ISI.


Benefits Available on the WAIC website:

Listing your business contact information, website, and bio for publicity
Use of the WAIC logo on your website, adding credibility to your website
Use of the credentials C.T.I.C. (Certified Total Image Consultant) after your name
The letters WAIC may also be used on websites, business cards or printed materials after you have successfully completed the training course from ISI.
Templates for website and newsletters
Access to training videos 24 hours a day as often as you like
Access to special reports, downloads, and other valuable resources to help you build your business
Access to teleseminars and webinars for "next level" training
Special discounts on professional materials
Special discounts on "refresher" courses
Members can buy products (ties, jewelry, DVD's, e-books etc...see Product Page of The Image Architect) at wholesale prices for re-sale to clients

“Thank you for all the tools that you give to your graduates after graduating.  Your newsletter, webinar and conference calls all help to keep me focused on building my business. It's refreshing and stimulating to have such support and not feel like you have to go it alone after graduation!”

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