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Makeover Case Studies

See for yourself what astonishing results you can expect in your career as a Personal Image Coach by your training at the Impression Strategies Institute:

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BeforeBefore IconTim holds an important position in his city's government. He had read my monthly column about image and made color changes with all his garments. He immediately began getting compliments, which gave him the incentive to begin losing weight. The next step was an image session so that he could segue from business casual to professional attire. Both photos were taken on the same day.

AfterAfterTim not only looks slimmer, he also looks more credible and important. Men's suits were specifically designed to flatter a man's figure and make him look more powerful via padded shoulders. The shape and structure of a man's suit conceals a beer bellieŁ perfectly. Tim not only looks slimmer and more professional, he also looks handsomer. His French blue shirt is perfect with a suit, but worn alone, sloping shoulders make him appear less confident. The shirt also makes Tim look heavier.