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See for yourself what astonishing results you can expect in your career as a Personal Image Coach by your training at the Impression Strategies Institute:

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BeforeBefore IconGeorgina is an Irish beauty who is also a skin-care expert and owns her own business. Many people in the skin-care business believe that showing off their beautiful skin is enough to convince customers of their expertise. Not so. You must have a state-of-the-art appearance if you want others to believe that your products and services are state-of-the-art also. Looking ordinaryť sabotages success.

AfterAfterWhich woman's image announces immediately that she is the skin-care expert? When it comes to image, the devil is in the details. However, the sum total is greater than all its parts. And that sum total is the impact you make. It is the Expert Impact. Georgina tweaked her makeup and got an up-to-date stylish hairdo, plus clothing and accessories that give her an overall dynamic look.