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Image Makeover BeforeBefore IconThe woman on the left drove down from Washington, DC for a makeover workshop because she sensed she needed help with her image. The 57-year-old widow of two years and natural strawberry blonde was advised by a color consultant to wear peach, pale aqua and other redhead colors. During the makeover session she quickly discovered that those colors made her look much older as well as invisible. Ginger happily agreed that her old clothing colors were wrong and she happily accepted her new colors, because she saw that they made her look prettier and years younger. 

Her workshop was on a Saturday, and she emailed me on Monday to say that on the way home she concluded that she had wasted a lot of time and money because there was no way she was going to wear fuchsia lipstick or get a curling iron and smooth out her hair each morning before work. However, on the way back home, Ginger stopped for gas in Fredericksburg, Virginia and three truck drivers seriously flirted with her. She stopped at the first drugstore and bought the lipstick and curling iron. At the office Monday morning, Ginger reported that heads turned and compliments poured in.

AfterAfterHer whole demeanor changed, and soon co-workers consulted with her instead of going to the boss. When she conducted her yearly fundraising drive for her favorite charity, she was able to ask for substantially more and get it without hesitation. Seven months later, she was engaged to a wonderful man, and she married him six months afterwards.