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What makes the Impression Strategies Institute different from all the rest? (watch video)

When it comes to Image, COLOR IS KEY. Sandy Dumont’s 30 years of research and experience has led to the Never Fail Image System®: the world’s first and only color analysis system that works every time – for all ages, all ethnicities and all personalities. You will become the finest Total Image Consultant possible, because you will learn everything about color and image from head to toe - and you'll be able to do image and fashion consulting for men and women. (See Before/After Photos)

If you want training to learn how to become an image consultant, you need to know that color is the cornerstone of image consulting. Most image consultant associations currently recommend several different color analysis systems that, in fact, conflict with one another.  More often than not, each system yields conflicting results for the same person!  Different systems rely on everything from eye color, eye patterns, and hair color to contrast or to personality to decide which season is best. All of these systems fail to yield consistent results from one image consultant to the next.  Some consultants even rely solely on “instinct” or “taste” without first mastering the all-important rules of color and line. Sandy’s ground-breaking discoveries in the field of image and color psychology provide consistent results. The Never Fail Image System® won’t just make perfect sense to you; it’ll make perfect sense to your clients. 

Unlike other systems, you will learn to truly “see” color and the effect it has on each client’s face, hair, and overall persona.  Sandy shows you step-by-step how to educate your clients – how to train their eyes as yours will be after this course – so that your client, not you, will decide which season fits best. Your clients will love you for giving them image advice they can trust and use from Day One, and The Never Fail Image System® guarantees that your client chooses the right color season the first time, every time (read here what a recent client of Sandy says)

Learn how to become a certified professional Image Consultant; it is a rewarding careert that enables you to change lives! Get started with your image consultant training now!

Sandy Dumont, The Image ArchitectImage Consultant Training & Certification Course:

Part I: Self-study course on-line

You need to complete this eLearning module AND succeed in the on-line exam before you are able to proceed to Part II.

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Double Brace: What many students opt to do is to REGISTER for the Diploma Course Part I & Part II. As soon as the required deposit is paid, you have immediately access to the on-line or home-study Part of the Course. Part I can be taken at your leisure in the comfort of your home. (Please allow 20 hours of study to do so).   Once you have completed the on-line Part I, you can attend Sandy’s monthly interactive webinars for FREE and sharpen even further your knowledge before taking Part II.  Part II can be taken 4 times per year in function with your professional and/or social calendar. The Institute schedules one winter, spring, autumn and winter class.

Part II: Hands-on training at the Institute

At the end of this 7 days training session, the Certificate as TOTAL IMAGE CONSULTANT is awarded. Here are the days for the Institute's next Part II course:

Starts: Thursday July 21, 2016 - Ends: Tuesday July 26, 2016
Norfolk, Virginia

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PLEASE NOTE THE REGISTRATION PROCESS: The FULL COST of the course is $5,200(*) The $1,500 registration fee is non-refundable but will be deducted from your final balance.( * ) There is a special allowing you to save $500 or $1,000 towards your total tuition! Read all about it here.

Part I: There is a $1,500 registration deposit for the Total Image Consultant Training and Certification Course. This non-refundable deposit gives you immediate and full access to the eLearning Center's online course (Part I) and holds your reservation to come to any of the In-Studio Training Sessions (Part II). Successful completion of the online course is a prerequisite for coming to Sandy's studio to complete your training and receive your certification as a Total Image Consultant.

Part II: Prior to attending the selected Part II Training, one of two payment options needs to be fulfilled. The choice exists between either a one-time payment or a six monthly consecutive payment. More information about Part II and its payment plans here.

"I am in the process of selecting an elite group of individuals to learn my business and represent my name, products and services in their own image consulting business. Those selected will be trained in everything they need to start a lucrative and "in demand" image consulting career and will have permission to trade on my name. Your image consultant career begins with the "Image Consultant Training & Certification Course."

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect

Does the Never Fail Image System® really work? Just see what graduates have to say:

"What I’ve learned in five days is priceless! Sandy Dumont’s eye for color is like no other, and her expertise in color is amazing! The training is informative, easy to understand and very logical. Sandy is professional, consistent and patient. Thank you, Sandy, for passing on your knowledge and for changing me from “dull” to “dynamic.”

LaVoria Price
ISI Graduate, Suffolk, Virginia

"Hands-on training for color can never be replaced by computers. Your training has been expertly developed with clear and concise detail. I was terrified that I would never understand color theory, but your step-by-step Never Fail™ method trained my eye so that I no longer fear color analysis. "

Pat Roland
ISI Graduate, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"You are a true professional and in a class all by yourself. Everyone in this field claims to be an expert. You are, in fact, a master. There has not been one image consultant who has understood the true principals and concepts of color and color psychology."

Toy Tigani
ISI Graduate, Herndon, Virginia

"There is no other image consultant training that provides an artist's point of view to color, which is necessary to allow us to learn how important color is in creating a powerful personal presence. Having this foundation in color will allow me to serve my clients at a much higher level. Thank you for sharing your knowledge."

RoJean DeChantal
ISI Graduate, San Francisco, California

"Sandy Dumont is the only person I have trained with that makes color theory clear and understandable as it pertains to personal image. I really value Sandy's knowledge, and this is my third time attending training – plus, it is so much fun!"

Joyce Wise
ISI Graduate, Tampa, Florida

"This class - AND Sandy - was everything I expected AND MORE. The precision and expertise of the Never Fail Image System leaves nothing to chance or opinion. It's evident that Sandy's 30 years as an image consultant has been an evolution of study and research. Confidence in the system will be the keystone of my business. Thank you, Sandy, for your passion and perseverance."

Terry Myers Shuster
ISI Graduate, Cortland, Ohio

“Sandy Dumont’s diploma course provides the true hands-on lab for students to learn how to work with clients from beginning to end. I no longer fear color! I feel competent and confident! In her diploma course, Sandy taught me her totally unique color system. She empowered me to help future clients to find their true best seasonal color category with logic and reason without ever sabotaging their true persona- which is the true test of any image consultant!”

Bonnie Rogers
ISI Graduate, Charlottesville, Virginia

"Sandy, Thank you so much for teaching me the science of color. I’m so grateful that I trusted my instincts about you when choosing from so many other image consultants. Because of all the misleading information out there, I thought it would be difficult yet you made me realize it can be so simple with your system and expert training. I am so excited to share what I have learned from you with others.”

Maggie Suarez
Within You Image Consulting, LLC,
ISI Graduate, Aventura, Florida

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Image Consultant Training
Diploma & Certification Course
: Part II

Starts: Thursday July 21, 2016 - Ends: Tuesday July 26, 2016
Norfolk, Virginia

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Listen here to what Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect® says about your exciting career as a total image consultant. Find out why Sandy's certification class is unique in the world.

If you’ve ever thought about becoming an image consultant, or even if you already are one, The Never Fail Image System™ is the weapon of choice for serious professionals.

The Impression Strategies Institute will challenge everything you currently know about color and image consulting.  Our courses contain the most unique and innovative information available anywhere in the world today.  Sandy’s method offers individualized hands-on training that gives you the tools to start building a successful image business the moment you receive your diploma.  And with The Never Fail Image System®, you’ll be confident that you are giving your clients the best possible results every time.

Your Impression Strategies education begins with the all new, state-of-the-art online training course. For the first time ever, students will enjoy studying the first portion in the comfort of their own homes.  The online training course thoroughly walks you through the components of image consulting that do not require a hands-on, face-to-face approach.

When you’ve successfully finished the online course, you’ll be invited to train in person with Sandy for the intense 5-day course in Norfolk, Virginia.  Many image consultant training courses offer complete packages through distance learning, but the only way to give you the benefit of Sandy’s color analysis expertise is to work directly with her, and to see for yourself how color really works.

Here is just a sample of what you will learn in ISI’s 2-Part Diploma Course:

  • The History of Color & Color Analysis
  • Understanding Warm vs. Cool Colors
  • Color Psychology & the Meaning of Color
  • The REAL Four Seasons of Color
  • Professional Attire for Men & Women
  • Professional Makeup
  • Line in Clothing
  • Wardrobe Analytics
  • Body Language, Posture & Comportment
  • Personal Branding & Developing Your Signature Image

Sandy's training may NOT be for YOU:

If you are only interested in making money; if you aren’t concerned about building a long term business, then Sandy’s training may not be for you.  Students and graduates of ISI have a keen interest and commitment to enhancing the field of color and image, as well as a passion and drive for providing their clients with unparalleled results.

If you think you couldn’t possibly learn anything new about color and image, then Sandy’s training may not be for you. 

If you are looking for a business in a box, then Sandy’s training may not be for you.  Sandy has spent the last thirty years at the top of her field and is as passionate today as ever.  You’ll never learn about color and image from any other training program the way you will at ISI.

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